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Meet Shantell, a small business owner and Mompreneur of four children. Shantell was born and raised in Washington, D.C., and enjoys spending time with her family, making cosmetics, teaching others, and making YouTube videos for her channel. She is also the owner of a local small business in the cosmetic industry while raising her four children as well. She is the Founder, CEO, Creator & Mompreneur of Shantell’s Natural Hair, Digital Boss Divas Academy, Exclusive Pink Palace, and Shantell Wealthy University. She has sold her cosmetic products at the SW Farmers Market, the AutoShop at Union Market, and many others in the community and enjoys connecting with the people there. To help grow her business, Shantell has attended several webinars to expand her knowledge.


The company has a loyal base and has been expanding. Even with the economic uncertainty of the times, customers can still connect with Shantell and purchase her products & services at,, and


Shantell’s Natural Hair has many repeat consumers who have described how it helped their hair and skin. She specializes in creating high-quality, homemade cosmetic products such as body butter, hair conditioners, beard oils, body oils, and lip gloss just to name a few. Her products are made with natural and/or organic ingredients such as Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Emulsifying Wax, Coconut Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, and Sunflower Oil just to name a few. Shantell wants her customers to know the importance of healthy cosmetic products and how they can benefit them along the way. Her products help with hair growth, eczema, split ends, breakage, wrinkles and other conditions. 


A couple of years ago, Shantell realized some of the chemicals and treatments used to style her hair and also products that she used on her skin were not healthy for the body and her children as well, which is what led to her starting her own business in the cosmetic industry and providing products and services that would help her customers and community.


Before starting her own business in the cosmetic industry, Shantell always did hair tutorials on her and her daughter Savannah's hair and posted photos while giving others advice on how to care for their natural hair. At the time, Shantell would buy so many cosmetic products at her local beauty supply stores that she just knew that this was her passion to create her cosmetics.


Shantell never imagined that she would be an entrepreneur or could start her own business. When she first started her first business, Shantell had little experience in cosmetics and formulating the perfect products for her, her family, and her customers, but Shantell did not give up no matter what it took to become the best cosmetic formulator. She began selling at pop-up shops, farmers markets, and at other events. Her customers were satisfied with her products but Shantell wanted to get better at formulating and creating the amazing products and expand her business as well. Shantell began creating skincare products and was happy to add more to her cosmetic line. 


Shantell has been featured on ABC 7 news for her cosmetics, Small Business Spotlight in the newspaper, known as the #1 best cosmetic business, and many others. Some of Shantell’s Natural Hair's best-selling cosmetic products are Moisturizing Body Oil and the Natural Way Super Hair Growth Oil. The Natural Way Hair Styling Milk Leave-In Conditioner Cream, Vanilla Frosting Body Butter & The Natural Way Twisting Hair Butter.


Now Shantell has expanded more, has three employees and she also teaches others how she got to where she is today and helps others on what she knows. She is now an author and has written books such as 5-1 The Book Of Boss Moves, The Business Planner For The Business Mindset, and The Truth About Law of Attraction & Manifestation and now she's working on launching more books to help others.


Shantell has connected with many customers and other businesses on social media to help build her business. Shantell takes her business very seriously and by marketing properly makes sure that her products are amazing and attractive and that her product photos are professional. Shantell is very consistent with posting on her social media platforms. 


Shantell's mission is to continue to inspire, motivate, help others, and continue to create more cosmetics and hopefully open up her own warehouse space shortly.


You can contact Shantell on her social media platforms at Shantell’s Natural Hair via Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and check out her website at for all your cosmetic needs.


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